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* Specifications:

Methanol Purity



Less than 30 ppm

Acidity (as Acetic Acid)

Less than 0.003 wt %

Ethanol Content

Less than 0.001 wt %

Water content

Less than 0.05 wt %

Sp. Gravity @ 20oC


Chloride (as Cl)

Less than 0.50 ppm

Iron (as Fe)

Less than 0.10 ppm

Sulphur (as SO4)

Less than 0.50 ppm


Free of opalescence, susspended matter and sediment


* Applications:

1) Chemical

Methanol is a key component of hundreds of chemicals that are integral parts of our daily lives. Methanol occupies a key position in the chemical industry, as a highly versatile building block for the manufacture of countless everyday products. The largest scale applications in terms of volume are processing into formaldehyde, which is further treated to form resins, glues and various plastics, and for the production of acetic acid which is essentially used for the production of polyester fibers and PET plastics. Methanol has been one of the world’s most widely used industrial chemicals since the 1800s.


2) Energy

Increasingly, methanol is being employed around the globe in a number of innovative applications to meet our growing demand for energy. Methanol is a clean energy option that can be produced from natural gas, coal and a number of renewable resources including biomass, landfill gas and power plant or industrial emissions.

Energy options: Automotive Fuel, Marine Fuel, DME, Bio Diesel, Fuel Cells, Electricity.


3) Wastewater treatment

 Methanol plays a crucial role in reducing environmentally-damaging effluent that is discharged by wastewater treatment facilities across the globe. Through a process known as “denitrification”, water treatment facilities convert the excess nitrate into nitrogen gas which is then vented into the atmosphere, thus eliminating its ability to cause algal bloom in watersheds and block oxygen and sunlight from reaching marine life below the surface. Methanol is the most common organic compound used in denitrification, accelerating the activity of anerobic bacteria that break down harmful nitrate.

* Origin: South East Asia.

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